Honey’s is a single member LLC that sells fashion accessories and apparel. Honey's make and sell earrings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories/apparel accessories. Honey's sell hats. Sell t-shirts for all occassions: faith, affirmations, motivation, encouragement, breast cancer awareness, sports, holidays, leisure, etc. for individuals groups and teams. Honey's also provide free design assistance for t-shirts and hats.

Honey's will provide quality accessories and apparel at an economical price. Honey's want to create a on demand environment to fashion accessories. Honey's will provide assistance and/or resources to individuals and families who are in need. Honey's will assist with funding for children who have a desire to attend summer camps and/or extracurricular activities to enhance their talent. Honey's will also provide assistance to parents of young adults and/or young adults who are faced with challenges while transitioning to young adults.

The idea of starting a business came after my daughter suggested that I start making necklaces and bracelets as an hobby. The idea started to come to life during a visit to a beading store with my husband. He thought that it would be a good idea for me to make mask holders. I begin to make the mask holders using a leather cord and two lobster claws. Later, I begin adding beads to the leather cord and using one lobster claw instead of two lobster claws to make necklaces then I used a shorter piece of leather cord and one lobster claw to make bracelets. After inquiring about a peddler's license to be able to sell the items I made. I was told that the nature of what I was doing was more of a business and I would need a occupation license.